About Garland County Courthouse

Court Records

This office handles data entry of files, maintains the files for each of the courts, and maintains the dockets for the Circuit Judges. In addition, Court Deputy Clerks handle numerous other duties, including answering the phone, issuing warrants, summons, subpoenas & notices, and waiting on the public. Court deputy Clerks also work closely with the probation offices, DHS, prosecutors, attorneys and judges (as appropriate for the individual courts).
Domestic Court - 

Handles divorce, domestic abuse, child support, paternity and other case filings.

Civil Court - 

Handles negligence, bad faith, fraud, malpractice, product liability, foreclosure, quiet title, injunction, partition condemnation, condemnation, replevin, declaratory judgment, unlawful detainer, foreign judgment, writs, administrative appeal, property forfeiture, remove disabilities, name changes and other case filing. 

Juvenile Court -

Handles delinquency cases, dependant-neglect cases and Family In Need of Services (FINS) cases.
Criminal Court -

Handles all felony type cases filed by the Garland County Prosecutor's Office and all appeals from the District Courts.


    Juvenile Court Fees Collected

  • Probation
  • FINS
  • Diversion
  • Child Support Payments (Court ordered private pay cases)
  • Criminal Court Fees Collected
  • Indigent Defense Fund

All fees above are collected at The Garland County Circuit Clerk’s office, located at 501 Ouachita, Room 207, Hot Springs, AR 71901 and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F. Our office can be reached at 501-622-3630. 

Recorder's Office

The Recorder's Office is responsible for recording all deeds, mortgages and other instruments and transfers for the County. The office is also available for title research, although county employees are not licensed or bonded to conduct searches.
The Recorder's Office is the Garland County location for the swearing in of Notaries Public. For more information on becoming a Notary Public, see the Secretary of State web site.

e-Recording is available in Garland County. For your convenience you may contact one of the following e-filing providers: 
Corporation Service Company 
[email protected] 

[email protected] 

ePN eRecording Partners Network 
[email protected] 

Indecomm Global Services 
[email protected] 


  • Circuit Clerk will offer to the public property designated by the Circuit Court to sell at auction.
  • Circuit Clerk will sell the designated property to the highest bidder.
  • All sales will be located at the north entrance on the first floor of the Garland County Courthouse.
  • Bidders must qualify under the TERMS OF SALE as prescribed by the law. For information concerning delinquent tax property sales visit the State Land Commissioner's web-site.
Foreclosure Sale Guidelines
  • The TERMS OF SALE are:
    • The purchaser will pay the full purchase price the day of the sale; or
    • Pay 10% of the purchase price, non-refundable, with the balance due to the Commissioner, plus 10% interest per annum from sale date until paid, within three (3) months (unless otherwise specified) from the sale date.
  • The Circuit Clerk’s office does not perform title/lien searches.
  • The individual interested in designated properties needs to complete title/record search on their own or hire a title company to perform a title/lien search.
  • Property is sold as is with no warranty.
  • The Circuit Clerk’s office, Circuit Clerk or member of the clerk’s staff does not provide legal advice regarding property designated for sale.
About Garland County Courthouse